Delphi - The Collection Inspired by Female Strength & Wisdom - Adorned by Ruth

Delphi - The Collection Inspired by Female Strength & Wisdom

Delphi is the ancient site of the most important shrine in all of Greece, the Oracle of Delphi. It was dedicated to Apollo and his priestess Pythia who was famous for divining the future. Leaders, dignitaries, and even kings flocked to Delphi for a chance to seek the oracle’s advice. In a time when men dominated the highest positions in society, it appears the greatest political and social influence in the ancient world was occupied by a woman.

The Delphi Collection draws its inspiration from the amazing women who lived in ancient Greece and influenced their societies in positive ways.  These pieces are crafted using materials that were valued in ancient Greece; amazonite, moonstone, coin pearls and gold coins. We think the combination of these components recall the sun, moon, and waters of Greece.  We hope you love them as much as we loved creating them. 

Amazonite – Stone of Truth & Female Warriors

Legend has it that the Amazonite stone received it’s name from the mythical civilization of the Amazons, an ancient Greek tribe of female warriors in no need of men. Whaaat?!!!  If this sounds familiar, you are correct! The comic book character, Wonder Woman, was based on this mythical group of women.  Amazonite, also called the Stone of Truth, has been said to empower one to discover one’s own truths and integrity, Bring on the Lasso of Truth! Its beautiful turquoise-green color is as bold as the women warriors it is associated with.

dainty gold filled dapped chain bracelet featuring a soft blue amazonite stone flanked by gold beadshalf moon faceted amazonite charm suspended from long bar connectors in a trapeze shapegold hoop earrings with sky blue stone drops on modelamazonite chain drop earringsamazonite hoop earringsamazonite gold beaded necklaceathena amazonite gold necklaceamazonite chain bracelet

Moonstone – Stone of Luck, Protection & Passion

Moonstone is a mystical gem known for its opalescent shimmer. The Greeks associated the luminous gemstone with their lunar deities. It is known as a lucky stone, bringing positivity, passion, and protection for travelers. Valued for centuries, the moonstone is still popular and accessible today. It is one of June’s birthstones along with pearls and is considered a 13th wedding anniversary gift.

gold hoop earrings with faceted moonstone beads and gold charmmarquise ear wires in gold filled with rainbow moonstone charms and wire wrapped briolettes simple minimalist pendant necklace featuring a gold framed linear moonstone pendant
gold filled hoop earrings with bezel set teardrop moonstone charmsmedium gold filled hoop earrings with rectangle shaped bezel set moonstone pendants

Greek Gold Coins – Athena, Goddess of Wisdom

Although the Greeks did not invent coins, they added the Greek aesthetic, creating some of the most beautiful coins ever minted. Greek cities competed to produce the most pleasing imagery to represent their city beyond its borders. Our designs use a rustic and vintage inspired coin depicting the goddess Athena in silhouette. Athena, daughter of Zeus, patron goddess of the city of Athens, is best known for her wisdom and strategic skill in warfare. Read more about ancient coins and their beginnings here.

dainty gold filled chain necklace with bezel set coin pearl pendantgreek coin medallion necklace on gold filled elongated rectangle chainsmall gold filled hoop earrings with coin pearl and gold coin dangles
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