About Us

Inspired by you and your Journey

Inspired by you and your journey
Your unique narrative is cause for celebration

We Believe

Your unique narrative is cause for celebration.

That life's moments are navigated with jewelry as a companion adventurer.

In designing quality, timeless pieces that last.

Jewelry is the most Personal Adornment

Jewelry is the most personal adornment

We dangle it from our ears and wear it next to our hearts. It's the way we express our signature style and our unique lives.

Adorned by Ruth

was born out a life-long love of pearls and stones. After years of creating jewelry for family and friends, I found myself in an in-between place in life where time was suddenly available to grow this passion. I set out to design jewelry that was fun, fabulous and top quality - characteristics of the women in my life. Our designs feature organic elements such as baroque pearls and are designed to layer, mix and match in a variety of styles that reflect the unique personal style of the wearer. Every piece is handmade to order in my home studio in the Canadian prairies.

Founder, Ruth