Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts That Say I Love You

Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts That Say I Love You

With Mother's Day around the corner it is time to scope out that perfect gift for all the moms in your life.  There's something special about getting a beautiful piece of jewelry that makes any woman feel celebrated.  Flowers, always a great option, inevitably fade away, but a piece of jewelry is a reminder of your love that she can keep for always.  

It can be hard to narrow down all the options so we've curated a list of thoughtful, heartfelt and chic pieces to delight every kind of mom.  


The Best Mother's Day Birthstone Jewelry Gift

A Custom Necklace with the Kids' Birthstones

A gift that represents the kids or the entire family is sure to thrill a sentimental mom.  This gemstone necklace allows you to build the perfect necklace.  Choose from three chain necklaces and then add the gemstone pendants.  

The Best Mother's Day Whimsical Jewelry Gift

 A Simple and Sweet Pair of Bee-shaped Stud Earrings

mini bee-shaped stud earrings 10K yellow solid gold
Honey bees symbolize focus, hard work, generosity, and prosperity. They are tiny but essential for life on our planet. For Mother's Day give mom a gift that symbolizes how essential she is with these 10K yellow gold stud earrings.  

The Best Mother's Day Cool Jewelry Gift

 A Sleek Herringbone Anklet That Goes With Everything

Remind mom of her cool factor with this stylish herringbone chain anklet.  Crafted in sterling silver, water-safe for all her summer adventures. 

The Best Mother's Day Sparkly Jewelry Gift

 A Necklace To Dazzle Her 

The mom who loves sparkles will adore this simple yet stunning necklace featuring a bezel set cubic zirconia solitaire.  

The Best Mother's Day Unique Jewelry Gift 

Petal Pearl Earrings That Will Outlast Any Bouquet


 With pearl flowers this pretty and unique you can forgo the standard floral bouquet for mom.  Crafted with luminous petal pearls on 14K gold filled flex hoops she'll make a statement wherever she goes.

The Best Mother's Day Sentimental Jewelry Gift 

A Gold Chain Bracelet That Symbolizes Connection 

Connect Interlocking Circle Bracelet - Adorned by Ruth

Celebrate mom's never-ending love for her children this dainty chain bracelet featuring interlocking rings that represent your strong connection. 

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