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Free Form Baroque Pearls

Crooked Palm Tree

The imperfect beauty of palms & pearls

This lovely bit of beach was my preferred view for a week in Quintana Roo recently. The crooked palm tree in the foreground became my daily reminder that detours in life can be beautiful in the end. Unexpected events can forever alter the course of our intended plans and goals. Like ocean breezes, the winds of our own lives can buffet and toss us around. The resilient little palm tree grew despite an obvious assault to its normal pattern of growth. In the same way, we are called upon to withstand and adapt to the shifts in our experiences.

What about free form baroque pearls?

Free Form Baroque Pearls

What do crooked palm trees have to do with free form baroque pearls, you ask? A pearl begins to form when an irritant makes its way inside of a mollusk. To protect itself, the pearl begins to coat the irritant with layers upon layers of nacre and a pearl slowly begins to develop. Its ultimate shape is determined by the shape of the irritant. This is why I love pearls so much! Each one is unique, and the best ones, in my opinion, show their growth with bumps and free form shapes … all the while glowing with gorgeous luster.

Seen on the runways

I’m absolutely thrilled to see uniquely shaped pearls on runways everywhere right now. From statement necklaces to asymmetrical earrings, the bigger the better! Owning a piece of jewelry with free form baroque pearls means you get a one-of-a-kind look that is classy and creative at the same time. For some great runway looks check Popsugar.

Adorned By Ruth baroque pearls

Interested in getting one of your own baroque pearl pieces? Here are a few A/R options to consider:

Let’s be free form pearls!

If you didn’t love baroque pearls before reading this post, I hope you do now. Or, at least, I hope you can appreciate the journey from dealing with an irritant to becoming a pearl and see the wisdom in its approach. What if, rather than resenting changes in our lives, we embraced the detours and appreciated the new journey? What if, instead of resisting, we worked with the changes to reveal a new and unique beauty in our lives?

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