Choose Your Words Necklace - Adorned by Ruth

Choose Your Words Necklace

Words are Powerful

Words are powerful and empowering! They can change lives! Did you know that, according to researchers from Harvard University and Google in 2010, there is an estimated total of 1,022,000 words in the English language?! That leaves us with a wealth of wonderful words to choose from.

What’s In a Word?

I LOVE words and word games. Thankfully my family indulges this passion. Bananagrams, anyone?! In my former career as a primary teacher, some of our best fun in the classroom was creating words out of a limited number of letters. Believe it or not, grade twos are the absolute best at this!!

This past while our communication with each other on a global scale has changed. We’ve all resorted to mostly chatting with each other via text or messages, and that can present a bit of a challenge. To avoid misunderstandings it pays to give careful thought before crafting a response, especially in sensitive situations. Words have the ability to crush us or build us up, make us crazy with rage or make us burst into laughter, and even make us fall in love.

Words can represent us as we are or inspire us along our journey to somewhere better. At A/R we love the concept of using common words to reflect or inspire kindness, bravery, and encouragement, Our Choose Your Words necklace lets you choose the word that represents you or inspires you most.

Necklace Details

The necklace is constructed with 14k gold filled paper clip link chain that is 16″ in length. The removeable charm is designed with white gold letter beads and easily clips to the chain with a lobster clasp. Choose one or more words with up to eight letters.

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