Delphi – The Collection Inspired by Female Strength & Wisdom

Delphi is the ancient site of the most important shrine in all of Greece, the Oracle of Delphi. It was dedicated to Apollo and his priestess Pythia who was famous for divining the future. Leaders, dignitaries, and even kings flocked to Delphi for a chance to seek the oracle’s advice. In a time when men dominated the highest positions in society, it appears the greatest political and social influence in the ancient world was occupied by a woman.

The Delphi Collection draws its inspiration from the amazing women who lived in ancient Greece and influenced their societies in positive ways.  These pieces are crafted using materials that were valued in ancient Greece; amazonite, moonstone, coin pearls and gold coins. We think the combination of these components recall the sun, moon, and waters of Greece.  We hope you love them as much as we loved creating them. 

Amazonite – Stone of Truth & Female Warriors

Legend has it that the Amazonite stone received it’s name from the mythical civilization of the Amazons, an ancient Greek tribe of female warriors in no need of men. Whaaat?!!!  If this sounds familiar, you are correct! The comic book character, Wonder Woman, was based on this mythical group of women.  Amazonite, also called the Stone of Truth, has been said to empower one to discover one’s own truths and integrity, Bring on the Lasso of Truth! Its beautiful turquoise-green color is as bold as the women warriors it is associated with.

Moonstone – Stone of Luck, Protection & Passion

Moonstone is a mystical gem known for its opalescent shimmer. The Greeks associated the luminous gemstone with their lunar deities. It is known as a lucky stone, bringing positivity, passion, and protection for travelers. Valued for centuries, the moonstone is still popular and accessible today. It is one of June’s birthstones along with pearls and is considered a 13th wedding anniversary gift.

Greek Gold Coins – Athena, Goddess of Wisdom

Although the Greeks did not invent coins, they added the Greek aesthetic, creating some of the most beautiful coins ever minted. Greek cities competed to produce the most pleasing imagery to represent their city beyond its borders. Our designs use a rustic and vintage inspired coin depicting the goddess Athena in silhouette. Athena, daughter of Zeus, patron goddess of the city of Athens, is best known for her wisdom and strategic skill in warfare. Read more about ancient coins and their beginnings here.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love

What Mom Really Wants…

Moms know us best and they love us the most.  Say thank you to your mom or mother figure with a gift that she really wants and will love forever – a lasting reminder of your love and appreciation. All ADORNED By Ruth pieces are crafted from sterling silver or gold-filled.  

pack of three dainty heart shaped stud earrings and cubic zirconia studs in gold filled - shown on earring card in gift box
This sweet set of small stud earrings are available in sterling silver and gold filled – perfect for everyday wear and for multiple piercings. So comfortable she’ll never want to take them off!
gold filled beaded stretch bracelet with tiny puffy heart charm
A fabulous stand-alone piece or great addition to her bracelet stack, this gold bead bracelet features a tiny puffy heart charm that is sure to delight. Slip on and off aesthetic makes it so easy to add a bit of shine to her outfit. See the matching necklace here.
Personalize her gift with teardrop hoop earrings featuring tiny heart shaped gemstone drops in her birthstone.
gold filled chain bracelet with open karma circle
The Karma Circle has long represented the unending connection between two people. The bond between mothers and children are forever!
Small gold ball pendants slide freely along the chain and are a lovely way to represent family. Choose the number of beads that represent your family best.

Sterling Silver Jewelry & Care

What Exactly is 925 Silver or Sterling Silver?

Pure silver is much too soft to be used in jewelry so it is combined with another metal such as copper to give it strength and durability.   Sterling silver, also referred to as 925 silver,  the most common metal used for jewelry, is made from 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent alloy – a mixture of two or more metals such as zinc, copper or nickel.

Why Does Silver Tarnish, Anyway?

When the molecules from the copper present in 925 silver combine with Sulphur molecules in the air, the silver tarnishes.  It is a natural occurrence and does not indicate the quality of the silver.

How to Care For Your New Silver Jewelry:

Happily, the more you wear your jewelry, the less you need to clean it!  While people have different body chemistries, in general, the oil from your skin acts to protect silver from tarnishing.

  1.  Wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth after several wears.
  2. Store your silver in an airtight, soft, fabric-lined box or in small zip-lock baggies.

How To Polish Tarnished Silver:

Even if you store silver perfectly, it will still tarnish over time. So it’s likely that you’ll have to polish your silver at least every few months in order to keep your pieces looking good.

💎If you are just doing maintenance, use the soft polishing cloth included in your order using a back and forth motion instead of small circles to avoid scratching the silver.

💎If the jewelry is a bit more tarnished, use a cloth that is infused with chemicals to gently rub away the tarnish.  We highly recommend the one by Brilliant.

💎For more stubborn tarnish, make a paste of baking soda and water.  Apply a pea-sized amount to the silver and polish it with a soft cloth.  Rinse with warm water.

ADORNED By Ruth Silver Jewelry

Quite a few of our designs are offered in both gold-filled and sterling silver. If you see a piece that you’d love to have in silver, please contact us and we will do our best to create a custom jewelry piece just for you! Here are some of our favorite sterling silver pieces.

small silver hoop earrings with rectangular moonstone drops
petite star shaped charm and tiny round moonstone charm on a simple silver necklace chain
sterling silver chain bracelet featuring 5 round silver beads in various sizes
sterling silver stud earrings featuring an open hoop with petite rings

Types of Baroque Pearls

What are Baroque Pearls?

All pearls with an irregular shape are considered baroque while all round pearls are considered traditional. Baroque pearls come in a variety of fascinating shapes and sizes and every single one is unique.  Jewelry crafted with these pearls are ideal for women who like to express their own individuality.

While there is a vast variety of misshapen baroque pearls, there are a few common ones that we use in ADORNED by Ruth designs.

COIN Pearls

These can vary from round and flat to oval and even elongated with “tails”.  Their large surface area is often smooth which gives coin pearls added luster. We use these for Lana Coin Pearl Drop Earrings.

organic coin pearls in oval, tailed, and round shapes


While baroque is the common term used to describe pearls that are not round, it is also one of the subtypes. It includes pearls shaped like elongated spheres. They are asymmetrical and their surface is dented and uneven. We use more than 78 of these pearls to create our Lisbeth Pearl Choker Necklace.

freshwater baroque rice pearls in two sizes


Biwa pearls were first cultured in Lake Biwa, Japan.  Unlike other cultured pearls Biwa pearls were formed using mussels and tissue irritants instead of oysters and bead nuclei. Because the tissue was irregular in shape, the resulting pearl was also wildly shaped. Nowadays, Biwas have come to mean any long, stick-like pearls.


These pearls feature one or more circles indenting their surface.  They were first promoted by Tiffany’s in the 1970s as “Circles of Love”.  They are known for their high luster.


Edison pearls are named for THE Thomas Edison.  When you see their incredible iridescent luster, you’ll understand why.  They were introduced to the jewelry market in 2012 but took a while to catch on. Big, beautiful, and mostly round, these stunners were expensive and difficult to find. Edison pearls form when a mother of pearl bead, usually 5mm-8mm, is inserted into the gonad of a mollusk.  A very thick layer of nacre grows around the bead forming into a very BIG pearl, ranging from 11-14mm and even sometimes reaching up to 17mm! Edisons range in natural colors from white to pink, lavender, and champagne. The delicious hues are enhanced by their amazing metallic sheen. Edisons take three years to harvest but as with all good things, are well worth the wait!

We LOVE All the Baroques!

We can’t help ourselves; we just have a serious thing for these lumpy, bumpy shiny reminders that unique is absolutely breath-taking!

Cleaning Gold-Filled Jewelry

Gold-filled jewelry should only need to be cleaned occasionally. It rarely tarnishes. All the gold content is on the surface of your piece and since gold doesn’t tarnish, neither should gold-filled. Regular wear on the body will naturally cause an accumulation of grease and grime though.

For regular cleaning, simply wipe your piece with the soft polishing cloth included in your order.  If you know it’s been exposed to skin/hair products or sweat, rinse your piece with warm water and pat dry thoroughly. 

If your jewelry needs a deeper clean due to sunscreen exposure or it’s just been a while since you last cleaned it, use warm water and a mild hand soap. Gently rub the soap into the piece with your fingers, rinse, and pat dry with a soft cloth. You can use a toothbrush to give it an extra scrub but be sure that the bristles are soft or it may scratch the gold.

There are treated polishing cloths that are safe to use and we highly recommend the one by Brilliant. Wipe the jewelry piece gently to avoid scratching the surface. Do not leave chemicals on your gold-filled. After using a treated cloth be sure to rinse thoroughly and polish again with a soft cloth to remove residue.

bright blue jewelry polishing cloth

Types of Gold Jewelry

It can be difficult navigating the myriad of choices in “gold jewelry” these days so we thought we’d lay out a few facts to help you decide which option is best for you.

A/R genuinely cares about how much our customers love our pieces. So, before we launched our brand we kept three main goals in mind:

  • affordability – can we offer pieces that are accessible?
  • quality – will our pieces last?
  • craftmanship – can we be proud of how our jewelry is crafted?

When we researched the gold trends and compared the different types of gold, the choice became clear very quickly. Here’s the low down:

graphic showing types of gold jewelry and their characteristics

Gold-Filled vs. Gold-Plated Jewelry

As you can see from the chart above, the gold content in these four types of jewelry varies a lot! Due to the current popularity of gold-plated jewelry we’re going to focus on it and compare it more thoroughly to gold-filled jewelry.


Gold-filled is a genuine layer of gold permanently bonded onto a core of jewelers’ brass using extreme heat and pressure.  Jewelers’ brass is an alloy (mixture of more than one metal) made up of approximately 90% copper and 10% zinc. To make gold-filled pieces, the core metal is sandwiched between two layers of gold alloy which is then heated and passed through a roller several times – a process that both bonds the metals together and thins the sheet out.

The surface layer of gold is legally required to be 5% or 1/20th gold by weight, making it 100 times thicker than the gold on the surface of gold plated jewelry! Gold-fill is extremely durable, won’t chip or flake, and is tarnish resistant. It looks great and, with proper care, it will last for over 10 years. Gold-filled jewelry can also be worn by most people with sensitive skin. Conclusion? While not inexpensive, gold-filled is a beautiful, quality, and more affordable alternative to solid gold.


To make gold-plated pieces, an electric current is used to negatively charge the base metal and positively charge a solution containing gold ions. The positive gold ions are attracted to the negative charge of the core metal, slowly forming a layer of gold on top of the core. Legally, the requirements for gold-plated are vague. Sometimes a piece can be called gold-plated but don’t actually contain any gold at all. As well, the core metal can be brass, steel, or any other undisclosed metal.

The layer of gold in gold-plated jewelry is miniscule compared to gold-filled. One tiny scratch is enough to expose the core of jewelers’ brass underneath. Once the brass is exposed, tarnish quickly sets in. Gold-plated jewelry is not durable enough to withstand exposure to heat, water, or wear for long. Gold-plated is very affordable and is ideal for trendy pieces of jewelry.

Gold-Filled For the Win!

All factors considered, affordability, quality, and craftsmanship, gold-filled is the obvious choice given our goals here at ADORNED By Ruth. Our hope is that you too will fall in love with this amazing material and enjoy your gold-filled pieces for a long time to come!

Unboxing ADORNED By Ruth

style influencer Rachel Lynne-Jones
Rachel Lynne-Jones

We are so excited and happy to announce our first collaboration with influencer Rachel Lynne-Jones!

Rachel is a makeup artist, designer, YouTube content creator focusing on PCOS and style, and general bad-ass entrepreneur living in  Winnipeg.  When she’s not making beautiful images and videos, she’s hanging out with her rag doll kitty, Mooch, who is a taste-maker himself, having a special affinity for pearly things.

Rachel filmed a super fun ASMR unboxing of her Adorned package so you can see exactly how delightful it is to receive your own A/R in the mail.

We’ve linked the items featured in her video so its EXTRA easy to get your own pretty pearly bits;)

Don’t forget we love seeing you in your A/R  goodies!! DM us your selfies and pictures and tag us on instagram @adornedbyruth to let us know how you love them!

Free Form Baroque Pearls

crooked palm tree on a sandy beach

The imperfect beauty of palms & pearls

This lovely bit of beach was my preferred view for a week in Quintana Roo recently. The crooked palm tree in the foreground became my daily reminder that detours in life can be beautiful in the end. Unexpected events can forever alter the course of our intended plans and goals. Like ocean breezes, the winds of our own lives can buffet and toss us around. The resilient little palm tree grew despite an obvious assault to its normal pattern of growth. In the same way, we are called upon to withstand and adapt to the shifts in our experiences.

What about free form baroque pearls?

What do crooked palm trees have to do with free form baroque pearls, you ask? A pearl begins to form when an irritant makes its way inside of a mollusk. To protect itself, the pearl begins to coat the irritant with layers upon layers of nacre and a pearl slowly begins to develop. Its ultimate shape is determined by the shape of the irritant. This is why I love pearls so much! Each one is unique, and the best ones, in my opinion, show their growth with bumps and free form shapes … all the while glowing with gorgeous luster.

Seen on the runways

I’m absolutely thrilled to see uniquely shaped pearls on runways everywhere right now. From statement necklaces to asymmetrical earrings, the bigger the better! Owning a piece of jewelry with free form baroque pearls means you get a one-of-a-kind look that is classy and creative at the same time. For some great runway looks check Popsugar:

Adorned By Ruth baroque pearls

Interested in getting one of your own baroque pearl pieces? Here are a few A/R options to consider:

Let’s be free form pearls!

If you didn’t love baroque pearls before reading this post, I hope you do now. Or, at least, I hope you can appreciate the journey from dealing with an irritant to becoming a pearl and see the wisdom in its approach. What if, rather than resenting changes in our lives, we embraced the detours and appreciated the new journey? What if, instead of resisting, we worked with the changes to reveal a new and unique beauty in our lives?