Adorned By Ruth studio view onto Japanese garden

Contemporary, modern jewelry designed and made in Canada.

My Story

The beginning 

One of my earliest memories is of my dad gifting me a dime store ring.  I still remember the happy feeling and being completely lost in the beauty and sparkle of the “diamond”.  And so began my passion for jewelry!  The draw of pretty sparkly things never left me and over the years I  began designing and making jewelry pieces for myself and for my friends.  It is my hope that my jewelry is part of building happy memories of special times for you.

 The present

Almost a year ago I left my career and began Adorned By Ruth.  Creating original, timeless, and versatile jewelry designs is a source of joy for me.  Each distinctive piece in my collection is created by hand using quality materials like gold fill, sterling silver, semi-precious gemstones, and freshwater pearls.  Adorned By Ruth  jewelry is designed and made in my little home studio overlooking our tiny Japanese garden.

Happy shopping!

My Best,